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Science Street Fair 2013: Be there for the fun and unexpected side of science


Celebrating Science Centre's 35th Anniversary, the Singapore Science Centre will be opening its doors free to all visitors between 8 - 11 November 2013.

A 4-day open house and street carnival filled with science performances, games stalls and more!

While over there be sure to do the walking on water activity, where you will be able to walk across a very simple corn starch solution that you technically help you "walk" on water. How is it like? Check out the video below.

Rubik Cube enthusiasts should also make a trip down and have them pen down a timing. You could be crowned Street Fair champion!

And while waiting for the results, you should take advantage of huge discounts for entrance into Snow City and Science Centre's latest exhibition - Titans of the Past: Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals.

Want more reason to go? Well all visitors who purchased Event Coupons will be eligible for the grand lucky draw where you may walk away with an Eco Rider!

For full details, get over to official Science Street Fair website.