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National Geographic Channel Viewers Choice 2013 (Updated)


[Updated on 31 October 2013, 6:10pm]

For the first time ever, National Geographic Channel Asia is shouting out People Power - Giving you the power to vote on 4 of your favourite programs and watch them again in December.

Not much details have been given yet, apart from "I wouldn't go in there" and "Monster Fish" being teased as 2 of what could be an awesome list of programs to choose from.

The poll is now online, with 12 fantastic programs to choose from:

  1. Breakout S2
  2. Hardtime
  3. I Wouldn't Go In There
  4. King Fishers
  5. Megafood
  6. Mega Factories: Supercars
  7. Monster Fish S4
  8. Paranatural S2
  9. To Catch a Smuggler
  10. Ultimate Airport Dubai
  11. Wicked Tuna S2
  12. World's Weirdest S2

Upon the deadline of 13 November, the 4 programs with the highest votes will be featured on the National Geographic Channel in December!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the NGC Viewers Choice FB app and use your 4 votes wisely.

*I voted for Paranatural S2, Ultimate Airport Dubai, World's Weirdest S2, and my personal favourite of the list, Megafood!