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National Geographic Channel to premiere The Blackout on November 11

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

Photo Credit: National Geographic Channel

After a tease yesterday, National Geographic Channel has revealed on their Asia Facebook page that the 2-hour movie event, The Blackout, will premiere on 11 November 2013, 11pm (SIN/HK).

This is actually the Asia premiere of the similarly titled American Blackout, which premiered 2 days ago and generated a lot of buzz regarding the movie's depiction of the after-effects of the collapse of America's power grid through 10 days.

Filled with suspense, the movie features "first person perspectives" through fictional characters filming on their cameras and phones in real time.

Sources that I have read also describes this as a horror movie, and it seems to have caused enough concern for Kissimmee Utility Authority to issue an official response advising customers to not be concerned and that there are measures, both present and future, that will prevent such an apocalypse from happening.

I too lived through a 24 hour experience of living being hack, which you can find in this cleverly titled post: The Blackout Project: Surviving a day without power or telecommunication.

American Blackout premiered on the 75th anniversary of The War of the Worlds 1938 radio drama, which in a nutshell, causes widespread fear and panic.

So it seems that National Geographic Channel was trying to replicate this fear from realisation through media, but for a new generation. Judging from the response, they seem to have succeeded!

Seeing all the response from the the US/World premiere, I will not go on any further to prevent any potential spoilers that will ruin what could be a great experiential film. I'll just leave the American Blackout trailer below!

Prepare your popcorn and torchlight!