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Mind Bomb 26: 20 amazing gigapixel panoramas


Taking Panorama shots are all the rage these days, especially as our smartphones become more capable at creating these seemingly magical photos that tell much more that your standard photograph.

That said, professionals have been doing this for years, and they too have improved toys to play with, allowing them not only take amazing panoramas that we can only dream of, but also through skill and a lot of patience, they are able to create some amazing gigapixel panoramas that, unlike those taken by our smartphones, allows us to zoom into the photo with no loss of detail.

A gigapixel hold 1000 times more information as a megapixel, and a gigapixel photo is created by stitching thousands of high-res photos

You can learn more about the technicality of creating a gigapixel photo by checking out this blog post by Chase Jarvis whose got an awesome tutorial on how to create a whopping 272 Gigapixel image from start to finish.

I also recommend you to check out this video by Destin from SmarterEveryDay. I featured him before one of my posts, and this video brings us into the making of the largest photo ever taken of Machu Picchu, check it out below.

Without further ado, here are 20 amazing gigapixel panoramas that will make you a globetrotter right in your living room. (Enhance experience by turning off the lights and wearing your tourist gear.)

 Charminar (0.35Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Ravinder Reddy Duggempudi

Charminar (0.35Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Ravinder Reddy Duggempudi

 Vancouver (1 Gigapixel) / Photo Credit: Ronnie Miranda

Vancouver (1 Gigapixel) / Photo Credit: Ronnie Miranda

 Mount Everest Panorama (2 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  GlacierWorks

Mount Everest Panorama (2 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: GlacierWorks

 Meteor Crater (2 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Brian Lockett

Meteor Crater (2 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Brian Lockett

 Mars Panorama (4 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  NASA/JPL-Caltech

Mars Panorama (4 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Haven't been to Mars? Neither have I, but this 4 gigapixel panorama is the next best thing from truly being there!

 Milky Way (9 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  VISTA

Milky Way (9 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: VISTA

Just to be clear, this is simply a portion of the Milky Way, and I definitely expect a much larger photo to showcase the Milky Way in all her glory.

 Santa Barbara (10 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Jaime Brotons

Santa Barbara (10 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Jaime Brotons

 Machu Picchu Panorama (16 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Jeff Cremer

Machu Picchu Panorama (16 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Jeff Cremer

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the youtube video above to check out a behind-the-scenes look at how this awesome panorama of Machu Picchu was created.

 Yosemite (17 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Gerard Maynard

Yosemite (17 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Gerard Maynard

 Paris Panorama (26 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Martin Loyer and Arnaud Frich

Paris Panorama (26 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Martin Loyer and Arnaud Frich

 Swiss Alps (31 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Simon Oberli

Swiss Alps (31 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Simon Oberli

 Tokyo Tower Panorama (34 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Jeffrey Martin

Tokyo Tower Panorama (34 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Jeffrey Martin

 Prague Panorama (34 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Jeffrey Martin

Prague Panorama (34 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Jeffrey Martin

 Dubai Panorama (45 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Gerald Donovan

Dubai Panorama (45 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Gerald Donovan

 Vienna (50 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Photoartkalmar

Vienna (50 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Photoartkalmar

 Nice, France (52 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Guillaume Roumestan

Nice, France (52 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Guillaume Roumestan

Try this for a fun activity, zoom down to the beach and check out the activities! :)

 Yellowstone National Park Panorama (110 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Alfred Zhao

Yellowstone National Park Panorama (110 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Alfred Zhao

 Sevilla Panorama (111 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  SuperInventos

Sevilla Panorama (111 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: SuperInventos

 Shanghai Skyline Panorama (272 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  Rongkai Zhao

Shanghai Skyline Panorama (272 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: Rongkai Zhao

12,000 individual frames were stitched together form this record breaking panorama of the Shanghai Skyline. It also ended the 2012 fever of Gigapixel panoramas, and had held the world record since December 2010 until the day our final panorama was published (see below).

 London Panorama (320 Gigapixels)  / Photo   Credit:  360Cities

London Panorama (320 Gigapixels) / Photo Credit: 360Cities

To top it all off, its this humongous panorama of London comprising of 48,640 individual frames which have been collated into a single panorama by a supercomputer and currently holds the title of the world's largest photograph since February 2013!

This world record is so competitive that holding the title for a few months can be considered a triumph. And with that said, it won't be long before we see the first 1000 Gigapixel (a.k.a 1 Terapixel) photo.