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Mind Bomb 10: A real papa smurf


The Smurf 2 premieres today, and some of you may be thinking, how will someone with blue skin look? Well... not very good, case in point, Paul Karason.

Paul Karason, 62, has blue skin! He was not born this way, nor is a disease or illness responsible for this condition. The reason for his current look is the fact that he ingested silver.

That's right. Paul ingested colloidal silver that he prepared himself. It was a self remedy to cure a severe case of dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), which was developed after Paul's father death.

While ingesting silver was a recommended medicine to fight infections for thousands of years due to its antibacterial properties, it causes argyria. Because of this, the US FDA banned it!

Argyria basically means that one has been exposed to an unusually high amount of silver which are then absorbed into the skin and other organs are does not dissipate!

What happens next is that light exposed onto silver will decompose them to silver metal or silver sulfides (an effect usually exploited for photography), but in this case the end product will be deposited as microscopic particles in the skin, thus causing the skin to turn blue.

Paul is also very lucky, as the metal could be poisonous and cause organ damage, but he has not suffered other serious side effects apart from his skin discolouration. While he will have to go through hearing every smurf and avatar joke in the book, he no longer finds it a problem.

And so, please don't ingest any silver. You are better off selling them and using that money for some real medicine.