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Mind Bomb 6: Trees of spiders


This is really one of the Oh S*** moments when you see these photos.

The story goes like this. In 2010, Pakistan experienced one of the worst flooding in its history. 10 years worth of rain fell in one week! As people would climb for higher ground, so did the spiders.

As it took such a long time for the water to drain out - the picture you see was taken 4 months after the rain had stopped - the spiders had already overtaken the trees, with each of their webs inter-twining to form trees like look more like white cotton candy!

While the flood was a very unfortunate event that affected 20 million people, there was a silver lining.

While there was a risk in the increase of mosquitoes due to the creation of stagnant water by the flood, these cotton candy web traps actually reduced the mosquito population, potentially saving many lives that could have been lost to diseases that are carried by such mosquitoes, such as Dengue and Malaria.

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