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Mind Bomb 8: Olive-backed sunbird


You may have find this familiar, because I posted this picture on instagram some time ago. (I highly recommended you follow it as I post awesome content on instagram as well, some of which do not make it to the blog!)

This is a female olive-backed Sunbird (also known as the Yellow-bellied Sunbird).

It was a great surprise to my family and I when we first spotted the nest a few weeks back. Made of leaves, twigs, fallen feathers and a length of raffia string, this (type) nest can be found even in densly human populated areas – like Singapore – of which sunbirds are one of the most common of bird species found locally

This is because Sunbirds are smart to take advantage of human presences, which highly discourages other forms of natural threats to their young, these Sunbirds have been known to build their nests near corridors, windows and the tree beside my house door (which is 6 stories up a HDB building).

I did some research, and found out that their mating period is between the months of April to August. The nest's main purpose is of course to raise the couple's young. Both parents assists in finding nectar and the occasional small insects for its young - of which I only have spotted one. (I did not take a picture of it, but trust me, its cute!)

At night the father is nowhere to be seen, with the mother looking out from the only entrance of nest. The picture above was take at 11pm - I wonder if she ever sleeps.

Alas, nature has taken its course. It is in the Sunbird’s nature to leave the nest once the young is ready to see the world, which is in 2-3 weeks time.

By the time of this posting, that happy family had moved on, and while we will certainly miss them, it was a pleasure to have played hosts to this family of sun birds.

"Thank you for staying with the Ong Residence =) I hope your stay was pleasant and enjoyable~"