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Mind Bomb 7: Cyclopia


Cyclopia is a rare birth defect in which only one eye is developed. This birth defect prevents the 2 cavities (holes) for your eyes to split and develop fully, thus only forming in the middle.

This has been know to affect all living creatures, with documented cases of chickens, cats, sharks, and even humans suffering from such cases. All known cases have seen the subject die either in the womb or shortly after birth due to the multiple complications that Cyclopia causes.This includes missing facial features, such as a face without any nose or mouth.

Those with Cyclopia will also suffer from poor vision, as 2 eyes are needed to see the world in three dimensions.

For more information about Cyclopia, I encourage you to check out this link here.

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But why then, does Mike Wazowski from Monster University looks so cute and adorable while some of the pictures above may be difficult to watch.

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