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Mind Bomb 9: Bonobo monkey


This mind bomb has been written with parental guidance heavily advised.

You may have thought that only humans are capable of a multitude of sexual discovery and practices, but apparently, the benefit of coitus (as said by Sheldon Cooper).

Deep in the jungle, passion and lust fuels the great ape specie known as Bonobo.

While the Bonobo is distinguishable by relatively long legs, pink lips, dark face, tail-turf through adulthood, and parted long hair on its head, it is also known widely by their active sexual behaviours.

The Bonobo shares much more than just 98% of the same genes as us, they also share our need for sexual release. The Bonobo has been observed to participate in intercourse when there is a need to release stress, to resolve conflicts, and for general recreation.

With sexual activeness being often high, with feeding time being the peak and the Bonobo are comfortable with having multiple sexual partners, you may not be able to find and observe the Bonobo at your local zoo (at least not at the Singapore Zoo).


They have also been observed to participate in both male-male and female-female intercourse, thus being one of the best standing evidence that homosexuality is not a sickness and part of nature.

*On a side note, at the time of this writing, Pink Dot 2013, an annual event where supporters of homosexuality and love regardless of sexual orientation had estimated an attendance of 21,000. A great turnout which is likely to increase in the years to come, congratulations to them! =)

Check out this link for a great article that details the Bonobo’s lifestyle and sexual practices.

And if you are interesting in learning more about how to save and protect the Bonobo species, which is endangered and can only be found in Africa, click this link.