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Mind Bomb 2: Goblin shark


 If you think the great white shark is scary, then brace yourself for its living prehistoric cousin. 

Introducing the Goblin Shark, a shark with an "extra" bite. While the sea has a multitude of bizarre creatures, inspired by only the environment that is nature, the Goblin Shark seem to be inspired by the dark corners in our mind. Check out the video below and you will know why!

Extend its jaw outwards to eliminate all hope of its prey from escaping, this method of attack does seem somewhat familiar. Even if you have never heard of the Goblin Shark before, we have all imagined that there is one awesome creature out there that could do that, and now we know, there is one.

NOTE: I just LOVE the discoveries made in Earth's Ocean! I have been waiting for years for the discovery of aliens, and while I will continue to wait, our own oceans have garnered more biological discoveries that continues to spark our interest in them with facts, and most importantly, evidence in the from of photos and videos. Result Tally - EARTH: MANY, SPACE: 0