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Mind Bomb 3: Ant Civilisation


Have you ever wondered where the ants comes from? How did the ants just appear from nowhere and to your table, forming a chain of ants bringing bits of food back to their nest?

I always had a fascination of ants, having the knack to spot them moving out of their "ant-sized" hole. Just like staring down the "rabbit hole", I always wondered how their network of nests looked? That if I were to tear down my w all, will I see an entire colony of ants?

So when I first looked at the picture above, I was filled with awe.

How did they do this you ask? By pumping in 10 tons of cement over 3 days before allowing it to harden then excavating it.

The source of this picture, the documentary: ANTS - Nature's Secret Power, dives into the all things ants and how they thrive as a colony that rivals the sophistication and complexity of human civilisation!

There are many examples of man-made objects being inspired by nature. What the picture and video clearly shows that we still have a lot to learn from one of the most common insect in the world - ants - minuscule organisms that just like humans, live and thrive as a super organism, powered by teamwork and the ability to achieve feats of the impossible (humans can like while ants can carry 20 times their own weight for example).

If there is one key difference, it would be that the ants do it better!

Check out the documentary below (skip to 45mins for the reveal of the ant civilisation)