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OKJ at Sidewalk Astronomy

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Finally! I saw the wonders of the universe with my own eyes, after years of being at awed by them on the TV and computer, it was so satisfying when I laid my eyes on the Moon and Saturn through a telescope for the first time.

Something like that.

Credit: zoe_swiss (Flicker)

I was unable to capture it with my camera, but I'd describe it as looking at the small pebble as it floats alone in darkness. A ring encompasses it almost like magic. (See right)

Despite its unimpressive small size, it was still mind blowing to me. I was looking at Saturn that is 1.2BILLION KM away from where I stood.

And I wasn't the only one who had a taste of what Galileo, the first astronomer to have ever used a telescope back in 1609, some 400 years ago.

I was at Ang Mo Kio, one of the 6 locations around Singapore where for 1 night, residents can see past our light populated skies to the wonders above.

 Thank you!

Thank you!

Whether they were young or old, Singaporean or foreigner, knew about the event or just happened to pass by, a good healthy crowd gathered around the 3 telescopes available thanks to the team at, who graciously lent their equipment, knowledge and passion for this Sidewalk Astronomy as part of the Singapore Science Festival.

I am ashamed to only know about this amazing community now, and if you had always looked up at the skies, wondering when it would be your turn to see its majestic, then head on over to their website and facebook page to find out about the public events that they have.

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Who would have thought my first astronomic experience would be between Blk 449 and 453A, just outside of their wet market. It was humbling, inspiring, simply an amazing night spent in the heartlands.