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OKJ at X-periment

 Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

The Marina Square atrium once again played host to X-periment, an awesome array of all things science and innovation! 

 Madatory photo op!

Madatory photo op!

I went down earlier today to check out some of the booths, saw the Dancing Scientist live and was entertained by a Starfish (or Sea Star as it likes to call it).

The biggest draw for me was none other than Jeffrey Vinokur, also known as the Dancing Scientist.

He was as passionate about science as he is entertaining with his robot dance moves (he even passed it on to his pet robot).

The crowd. which was filled with young minds, have surely learnt a bit about science, and I can feel the interest for it just booming during and after the show!

Walking about the booths was reminiscent of last year's X-periment, with the public getting hands on with the wonders of science.

They say time flies when you are having fun, and an hour had gone since just glimpsing at the booths and taking pictures, but it was already time for the next highlight of X-periment.

A simple skit by the folks at Marine Life Park of Resorts World Sentosa, "I, Sea Star" entertained a crowd that was either young or young at heart.

Played by 2 energetic youths, I enjoyed the skit much more than I thought I would - given that their key audience was the 7 year olds. It was simple, it was funny, and most importantly, it was successful in delivering one important message: "Responsibility for the safety of our sea friends starts with us"

The skit taught the youths how despite seemingly small a plastic bag is compared to the vast ocean, it was not right for us to throw it there, but instead to recycle it.

We should only keep our sea friends as pets only when we know we are capable of taking care of them.

Oh, and a Sea Star has got at least 5 eye spots or more depending on the number of legs they have (which can regenerate of course).

I had great fun at this year's X-periment, which sadly ends today. I do hope that this article is enough of a consolation to everyone who had not been able to be here today.

X-periment is just one of more than 50 events happening throughout the Singapore Science Festival 2014! For my top 10 picks, do read my article: 10 SSF events you should not miss.

Keep dancing, keep learning, keep smiling. :)