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OKJ at Platform 14.4 print showcase

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

The venue was the National Museum of Singapore, an appropriate location I must say for Platform 14.4 - a print showcase for the ambitious project known as TwentyFifteen.SG.

20 photographers. 300 pictures. A collective memory for the future generation.

Currently in its 6th book, this project had come far and is confident in supporting the publihsing of all planned 20 books leading up to Singapore's 50th birthday. As a community supported project, every book and print sold goes back to supporting the project.

In an interview with Tay Kay Chin, one of the main drivers behind this project, he pointed out the special connection that he has always had with National Day, having been born in 1965, the year Singapore gained her independence.

The motivation for this project was thus simple, but so is its aim.

Kay Chin hopes that this project will inspire other groups such as schools to take on similar projects and invites any to seek their advice on how to go about funding it.

No one owns photography, and the more pictures that are taken, the bigger the memory bank.

Espon printing. Watching magic happen before our eyes. / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

In my pursuit of contributing to Singapore Golden jubilee, here's letting you know how you can contribute to this project and even be part of it! is on Avvio (a Singapore-based crowd-sourcing funding platform) and by pledging money to this project, you can receive some exclusive prints.

If you want to be a part of this project, then its time to take some notes.

Over the next few months, 45 photographers will be selected via open-pitching sessions taking place over the next few months to be part of a spin-off to this project known as the +50.

Everyone from all walks of life are welcomed to these sessions, which will be conducted in partnering venues such as IPA Gallery, Objectifs and 2902. There may also be the possibility of having such sessions in schools and community clubs as well as an online pitching sessions, but those are still being worked out.

Participation is free and there is no limit to the number of times you can try.

If successful, you will join Aik Beng Chia, Andrew Nethercleft, Deanna Ng, Tham Kok Leong, Bernice Wong and other 44 photographers at be offered a publishing contract similar to the one for, which grants the right to publish your works in different media.

A high quality print / Photo Credit: OKJ Photography

However, you will still retain full copyright to his own works.

Selected photographers can expect a minimum of a web page with his work, brief bio, introduction text, link to his own website and his email address. There is negotiations going underway as to secure funding  to publish a physical compilation book, where each photographer will be given 6 - 8 pages.

The 7th book is slated to be launched in July.