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BTS 051: We Have Just Caused The Sixth Mass Extinction


The extinctions of humans had always been an interest in pop-culture. Think about 2012 or questions about when the next asteroid will arrive, these had always focused on one thing, a force that can whip us out, one that we can neither foresee.

But while we think about creative ideas about our own end of days, a mass extinction that is already underway and we are the cause of it.

This mass extinction event, dubbed Anthropocene, is the sixth of its kind. But how does one define an extinction? It is something that is obviously very difficult, especially since we have not quantified every species on Earth.

But by using what we know and coming up with extremely conservative assumptions, experts are able to make justifiable assumptions.

What they estimated is incredibly alarming. The number of species that had gone extinct in the last century should have taking anywhere between 800 and 10,000 years under the "extremely conservative rate".

And the cause of the sixth mass extinction? Us.

I highly encourage you to go behind the science of this developing crisis by starting here, which also provides other insightful data such as the species that had been recorded as extinct or extinct in the wild. (See graph below)

 Photo Credit: Science Advances

Photo Credit: Science Advances

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