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BTS 054: The Leshan Giant Buddha


Mankind has done plenty to leave their mark on the world. It could be for religion, a self-imposed purpose or just simply of reasons.

This new four part arc will feature four incredible creations that were not built and installed into the Earth, but rather are carved from it. Prepared to be awed by these incredible works of mankind.

First up is the Leshan Giant Buddha. Carved into the side of a cliff during the Tang Dynasty, the statue was constructed in hopes that the Buddha would calm the turbulent waters of the Dadu, Mingjiang and Qingyi rivers which flows below his feet.

The construction took 90 years and was completed in 803. Those decades of work resulted in what is still considered the largest stone Buddha in the world, measuring 71 metres high and 24 metres wide. His head has a total of 1021 buns of hair.

Such level of detail goes beyond the superficial, as there is an intricate system of drains and pipes around the body of the Buddha, minimising the effects of weathering.

You can go behind the science of this incredible work of art and religion by starting here.

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