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BTS 50: The Tesla Model 3 Explained


When I am deciding on what to feature on this current "Future Technology" arc, I think about whether that piece of innovation can shift paradigms or even change the world for the better.

This next feature does both. I present to you, Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors, helmed by Elon Musk, has been blazing the trail in making gasoline cars obsolete by making electric cars practical, sexier. Simply better. Which actually tackles all the problems previous electric cars had when they were introduced to the market,

When Telsa first unveiled the Telsa Roadster and Model S, it successfully overcame the common flaws of electric vehicles - including have a short range of travel between charges, long charge time, ugly appearance and most importantly, a high price tag. Even if the intent of adopting an electric car over its gasoline counterpart is for the good of the Earth and everything living within it, people simply would not buy something that is more expensive but not as good as its cheaper alternatives.

The Tesla Roadster and Model S were a proof-of-concept and practical but expensive choice respectively to pave the way for what Tesla Motors truly desires to achieve, the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles - all of which had been part of Tesla's three-phase plan.

Like a film trilogy, the third and final stage will be the climax to an ambitious journey. In 2016, 10 years after the introducing the Tesla Roadster, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled - an electric car that is 20 percent smaller than the Model S, but cost only half as much. At $35,000, it will be the most affordable electric car by Tesla Motors yet.

Couple that with an expected range of 200 miles (320km) on a single charge and the interiors of a car that embrace futuristic technologies, the Model 3 is expected to disrupt the motor industry and in turn, the way we get around forever.

You can go behind the science and history of Tesla by starting here.

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