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BTS 049: Staring Down A Penguin's Beak


Penguins. So cute and adorable. Just look at there happy feet and WHAT THE?!? What's in it's beak?

Those, my friends, are spikes. Because these Adelie Penguins catch and swallow their prey whole while having no teeth, nature have devised one of the worse ways to die. Imagine being a fish, swallowed by an Adelie Penguin, getting pierced as you struggle.

With spikes on their beak, their tongue and their cheek, this journey to the center of the Adelie Penguin is only going one way.

Another interesting fact is that if a Adelie Penguin does not like your presence, it will proceed to give you the 'Direct Stare' and could charge at you at any minute!

You can go behind the science of this cute yet scary penguin by starting here.

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