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BTS 059: How a Headless Fish Scared Its Chef


This video of a decapitated fish seemingly still being aware that it is being prepared for a meal had captured the world's attention. But is this video a case of supernatural nature or just science being creepy. Don't hold your breath. It's the latter.

So what's going on? The dead fish is clearly decapitated, and the fact that it has been gutted was repeated numerous times by the lady who performed the act.

The answer is pretty obvious for those already aware of another good ol' viral video, the skinned frog legs that twitches when reacting to salt.

Despite being dead, tissues in the muscles have still not decayed and thus can still "move", though this would require some form of external force as there is now no brain to send signals to the nervous system.

Such a reaction goes to the very fundamental of how our muscles work, and you can get started on going behind the science of this creepy result of science by starting here.

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