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BTS 052: Google's and Levi's Smart Pants Explained


When writing a "Future Technology" arc, it is only naturally to include one of the most innovative companies in the world, Google.

With its unique position and huge cash reserves, Google has the power to explore and create new technologies and ideas that many can only dream of.

At their annual I/O conference, Google introduced their ambitious projects that might drastically change the way we live our lives.

One of those projects is called "Project Jacquard", a type of smart yarn that would essentially allow textile manufacturers to create "smart" clothing.

And what better way to garner confidence in this new technology by partnering with one of the world's most well known brand of the most essential pair of trousers in one's wardrobe, Levi's Jeans.

These smart pants will be able to woven with the smart yarn that allows it to sense touch. A simple example of this new capability is the ability to perform basic tasks of your phone like muting it or change the music tracks while not taking your phone out of your pocket.

And while one might naturally link electronic technology with a no-no to water, these pants will be cuttable and washable. So basically, a pair of Levi's jeans created under Project Jacquard will be just like any other pair of Levi's jeans, just more.

You can go behind the science of Project Jacquard and the smart pants by starting here.

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