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BTS 055: Get High By Breathing In Alcohol In This Cloud Bar

Love drinking alcohol but don't want to hurt your liver? How about breathing it?

Bompas & Parr are in the news lately for unveiling Alcoholic Architecture, a 'cloud bar' where patrons can literally soak in alcohol through their skin and eyeballs!

So potent is this form of intoxication that visitors can only spend 50 minutes inside the bar and are required to wear protective ponchos to limit the dosage to about as much as an intake of a large gin and tonic.

This misty trippy atmosphere is created through powerful humidifiers that super-saturates the air. On its official website, the cloud is described as being "entirely composed of fine spirits and mixer at a ratio of 1:3".

Such an experimental form of intoxication has predictably raised some questions of safety and health. Dr. William Shanahan, a consultant psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital, told the Associated Press that "The alcohol avoids first pass metabolism in the liver and goes directly to the brain, which makes it much more intoxicating and the intoxication is very rapid. This has the potential to cause serious side effects as well as brain damage in the developing young brain."

However, owners Bompas & Parr had insisted that they had taken all the correct health and safety precautions and told The Telegraph, "We've had spent five years and about £30,000 working out how to do this properly."

Go behind the science of this exciting experiential bar by starting here.

Would you prefer going to a 'cloud bar' or would you rather take your shots the good ol' fashion way? Whatever it may be. Drink (Breathe) responsibly.

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