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BTS 060: Dashrath Manjhi the Mountain Man That Cut Through A Mountain


In this series, I had written about people who carved into the Earth for religion and for self purpose. For this article though, it is for love.

Dashranth Manjhi was driven to literally carve a path through the mountains when its imposing structure played a factor in the passing of his wife, who could not get to the nearest hospital quickly enough due to the 70 kilometres journey one needs to take around the mountain.

From that fateful incident, Manjhi was determined to cut through the mountains, shorten the distance to the hospital to just 14 kilometres. How? With just a hammer and a chisel, tools that he got by trading three goats.

For 22 years, Manjhi had a routine of working on this seemingly mad project from 4am to 8am, and then again from 1pm to the late evening. He would plough the fields for money from 8am to 1pm.

His determined resulted in a path that was about 110 metres long and 9 metres across.

It is in stories like this that I believe that legends and lore are born from, not from just the imagination, but from the unimaginable actions we humans can do when being inspired.

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