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BTS 040: The Sunken Forest of Lake Kaindy


Ah, how captivating Mother Earth is. In the second installment of the "Unique Forest" Arc, we explore a sunken forest.

How does a submerged forest came to be? With time, even the most improbable events will come to be.

In the case of the sunken forest of Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, there was an earthquake triggered a landslide that blocked a gorge and formed a natural dam. Rainfall then filled up that basin, creating a lake.

The spruce trees within this newly formed lake died off, but its imposing structure still stands tall, even 100 years after the earthquake. Must be due to the extremely cold water, that does not go above six degrees Celsius even in the summer!

With waters so clear, adventurers that explore the lake has had their breath taken away, as will you when you can go behind the science of this captivating landscape by starting here.

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