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BTS 048: The Microsoft HoloLens Explained


For the second part in the "Future Technology" arc, let's dive into a new reality - Augmented reality made possible by Microsoft's newest product, the HoloLens.

The HoloLens, targeted at mainstream consumers, aims to give our viewing of the world a massive upgrade, blending our view of the world with visuals once constrained on the computer screen.

This is achieved by having the HoloLens tracking your movement and your sight, then transforming your field of view by adding 3D images through the use of blasting non-harmful light at your eyes. You can then use hand gestures to interact with the images.

The technology that goes into making the HoloLens is incredible, because it takes into account everything in the real world. For example, when you stand in your living room with the HoloLens on, the camera on the googles will scan the room and know where the tables, sofa, television and other objects are.

Such information is then used to accurately project the 3D images into your field of view, such as using hand gestures to blow up a hole in your wall to see what is inside.

By seamlessly weaving the physical and digital environment, the possibilities are truly endless.

Microsoft demonstrated some of the innovative uses of this technology like...

Transforming your world into a game....

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Or exploring mars.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Photo Credit: Microsoft

The HoloLens, much like any other paradigm shifting device, seems to also add to the increasing segmentation of human communication. Those who had experienced using the HoloLens found it to be a solitary experience, though you will still be in touch with other people (much like when playing video games).

It is something that would also be most likely be used indoors such as your home as the HoloLens is bulky and not ultra portable like your phone.

While being extremely innovative, I fear that this next level of technological immersion may void many of their motivation to physically explore the world. Some might argue: "Why pay so much money to travel to world when you can do it on the holoLens instantly and at the comfort of your sofa?"

It is a terrifying thought, though one that is familiar every time something new comes along that has the potential to dramatically change the way we live. With that said, no matter how different we choose to live our lives with the rise of new technologies like virtual and augmented reality, our will to live is unlike to fade away. And we are the proof of that.

Go behind the science of the incredible Microsoft HoloLens by starting here.

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