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BTS 038: The Crooked Forest of Poland


The forests of the Earth is vast, dense and mysterious. Some are inviting, fairy tale-like almost. But some are quite bizzare.

Take the Crooked Forest for example. In this forest grows around 400 pine trees that has a 90-degree bend at their base.

How they became like this is still a mystery. Many theories brought forth to explain it were not satisfactory because the Crooked Forest is actually surrounded by a larger forest of perfectly normal pine trees.

The most accepted idea is that these curves are man-made. The theory is that during the 1930s, local farmers planted and manipulated the trees as a construction material.

Based on an article on the Wooden Vessel Ship Construction, trees were deliverately bent in certain ways to be used to strength ships internally. These curved timbers were known as "compass" timbers.

World War II most likely interrupted this activity, leaving behind a remnant of an age old practice and an incredibly intriguing addition to Poland's landscape.

You can go behind the science of the Crooked Forest by starting here.

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