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BTS 039: Mysterious Sea Creature With Fur And A Beak Washes Onto Russian Shore


Often times, the watery depth coughs up creatures shrouded in mysterious - and rotting flesh. And more often than not, these creatures would be sensationalised, earning the temporary status of "monster", before finally being identified as the disfigured, rotting carcass of something common like a whale or a strange but not new-to-science sea creature.

 Photo Credit: Siberian Times

Photo Credit: Siberian Times

With a long body, a beak and most curiously, what looks like fur - this mysterious carcass that appeared along the shores of Sakhalin Island, Russia had gone viral, with many speculating on social media about its true identity.

While it has not been officially confirmed, "this is clearly some big dophin" according to one expert that had been cited by many media for her seemingly confident assertion. That expert is Nikolay Kim from the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography.

Whatever this creature turns out to be, you can expect a follow-up article on OKJ Discoveries once more information is available.

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