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BTS 026: This Man Never Feels Cold


Wim Hof is a man that stands amongst few on the vague limit of human limits.

During 2009, at a ripe age of 50, he completed a full 42.195km marathon  above the polar circle in Finland in nothing but shorts!

In his long list of achievements includes conquering Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts in two days, and the ice endurance record of 1 hour and 52 minutes and 42 seconds - just one of 20 cold endurance related world records.

Wim Hof says his abilities are trainable and there are no secrets, just mind over matter. He had attributed the Tibetan Buddhist meditation known as Tummo meditation.

Tummo, meaning inner fire, allows one who practices it the ability to make significant physical changes to his body temperature.

While such skills are been taught within some circles of the Tibetan Buddhist community, Wim Hof's achievements and contribution to science in the western world had helped unlock yet another door as how humans can do what was once deemed impossible.

You can go behind the science of Wim Hof and pushing past perceived limits by starting here.

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