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BTS 030: The Surinam Toad, Symbol of Trypophobia


The Surinam Toad starts this "Frogs" arc pretty well. You might recognise it as the frog that has lots of holes on its back, with its babies hatching underneath its skin then swimming out!

Disgusting for some, eerily satisfying for others (like myself), the Surinam Toad had sparked dialogues about Trypophobia (the fear of objects with irregular holes).

The Surinam Toad is also unique in other traits apart from having about 60 to 100 eggs laid underneath the female Surinam Toad's back during mating.

You can go behind the science of the Surinam Toad by starting here.

This is the first installment of the "Weird Amphibian" arc. If you enjoyed it, do share the article to let me know you do and I'll do more of these short specific arcs within the Behind The Science series in the future!

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