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BTS 034: The Poisonous Jewels Of The Forest

Photo Credit: Mark Moffett

Photo Credit: Mark Moffett

When someone tells you that the bright colours are mother nature's warning for danger, two animals come to mind - snakes and poison dart frogs.

But one is cooler than the other and its the one that humans can weaponised.

These jewels of the forest are used by native hunters who utilise the poison secreted from the poison dart frog's skin by applying it onto the tips of darts and arrows, making each attempt at hunting more effective.

Of the 175 species of poison dart frogs, only a few species are known to be used for this purpose. For instance, a "Golden Poison Frog" is so lethal that it has enough poison could kill 10 grown men!

And yet, unlike snakes, poison dart frogs do not become toxic on their own, their poison is derived essential from diet and the transfer of toxins as it goes up the food chain.

You can go behind the science of this fascinating process by starting here.

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