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BTS 032: The frogs that revives itself from the cold


Out in the cold cold world, there is a few species of frogs that take survival in winter to the extreme, the most well-studied being the wood frog.

As winter approaches and the temperature dips, these frogs bury themselves under the leaves on the forest floor. Then, biological magic happens.

Firstly, ice crystals being to grow along the frog's skin. The frog's heartbeat slows, then stops completely. So does the rest of its organs.

Technically, it is dead during this period, but once the temperature rises, the frog miraculously springs back to life!

How does it do it? During the process of freezing, the frog's liver produces glucose that protects the frog's body and cells from being dried up. Humans do not have that ability, therefore we get frostbite.

But they are not "god" frogs by any means. too cold and the frogs will still ultimately die.

You can go behind the science of the antifreeze frogs and how they may help us in the field of organ transplants by starting here.

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