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BTS 035: Anyone Can Create Fireballs In Space


We all know what a flame on a candle looks like, a floating teardrop of hot gas that lights up your world.

Interestingly enough, while it seems the candle flame, or fire in general, is burning upwards on its own free will, the truth of the matter is that this is an effect caused by our Earth's gravity, which is ironic as gravity is associated with bringing things down.

On Earth, where you and I live, gravity causes effects like buoyancy-driven convection. In the case of fire, hot carbon dioxide rises and fresh oxygen is sucked into the flame.

But bring it to space, and it shows its true magical nature.

With no gravity, the hot carbon dioxide does not rise, as a flame burns, the carbon dioxide simply lingers around it.

The flame continues to burn until the surrounding carbon dioxide it had produced puts it out.

This is really just a very simply explanation, and I highly recommend you go deeper behind the science of this intriguing phenomenon of something seems to common by starting here.

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