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BTS 018: Webs Of Carbon Nanotube Spiders Are Strongest On Earth


A Spider's web had always captivated us with its incredible strong yet ridiculously light structure - A guideline to measure the advance of human engineering and nature's imagination.

Now, scientists have married the two. By spraying spiders with carbon nanotube and graphene flake infused water, they were able to create the world's strongest material - stronger than even kelvar and the current toughest knotted fibre.

While this is amazing and will undoubtedly advance material technology, the Italian team of scientists first has to find out how they actually achieved it.

This is because of the 15 Pholcide Spiders used in the experiment, only a few of them survived the experiment. The rest either died after they got sprayed or produced sub-par webs.

The exact process of how the silk of the webs became coated with the carbon nanotube is also unclear, though certain reasonable hypothesis have been put forth.

You can go behind the science of the Carbon Nanotube Super Webs by starting here. Or if you are really technical, here is the link to the actual research paper.

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