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BTS 016: The Hypnotising Cuttlefish That Scares Ulysses Klaw In "Avengers: Age of Ultron"


Ulysses Klaw is one of the villains in Avengers: Age of Ultron (if you haven't seen the film, well you should!)

Photo Credit: Marvel

Photo Credit: Marvel

In the film, his fear was also revealed by Scarlett Witch, albeit by his own initiative. His worst fear? - Cuttlefish. What?!?

In his exact words when Scarlett Witch said "Everybody is afraid of something." Without stutter, he replied "Cuttlefish, deep sea fish that makes light, disco lights that goes omph~ omph~ omph~ to hypnotise their prey and that swoosh. I saw a documentary, it was terrifying."

He could very well be referring to this clip right here.

How does the cuttlefish achieve this dazzling and hypnotic display? By acting like a television.

The cuttlefish has elastic sacs called chromatophores that display red, yellow, brown, and black directly. It flexes bands of muscles to change the colour, hue and opacity.

And with up to 200 chromatophores per 0.001 square inch, or about 10 million in total, a cuttlefish is like a living HD television.

Cuttlefish uses this to "hypnotise" prey, for mating, and for camouflage. They also have the added ability to shape-shifting.

Ironically, they are colour blind! So how do they camouflage themselves effectively?

You can go behind the science of the ultimate camouflage sea predator here.

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