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BTS 012: Fingal's Cave Is Like Nothing You Had Ever Seen Before

 Photo Credit: Jim Richardson / National Geographic

Photo Credit: Jim Richardson / National Geographic

Fingal's Cave is a sea cave you would normally hear in fairy tales and myths. You would be forgiven for assuming that the cave's hexagon pillars were the work of human hands rather than nature's gift.

But while the origin of the cave's name is mysterious and steeps in Cletic legends, the formation is pretty straight-forward.

Some 60 million years ago, there was a river of lava at the site. As it begins to cool slowly through the centuries, cracks began to form, creating the long hexagonal forms. The base of Isle of Staffa, where the cave is located, is made up of these hexagonal pillars.

Through thousands of years of erosion caused by strong waves and the natural cooling of solidified lava, the wonder that is sometimes also known as "The Cave of Melody" - a name befitting as Felix Mendelssohnwho visited the cave in 1829, was left with such a profound impression of it that it gave birth to the Hebrides Overture.

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