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BTS 023: Blind Man Uses Tongue Clicks To See With Sound

 Photo Credit: Volker Correll

Photo Credit: Volker Correll

Unable to see? Yes. Blind? No.

That's how I would describe Daniel Kish, an enlightened man that while blind, had used the often under-appreciated yet completely adaptable brain to literally "change" the way he see the world.

Daniel may be unable to see the world through light reflecting off his eyes, but can still paint a mental picture by using "tongue clicks" that sends sound energy across his environment and bounces back to him.

This gives Mammalogists unprecidented access into the mind of an echolocator as their usual subjects of dolphins and bats can't really provide much verbal feedback.

But he is not the only person to be able to do this. Through his company, World Access for the Blind, more than 10,000 blind individuals had regain "sight" by appreciating the environment through sounds.

He is fighting a stigma that blindness makes anyone helplessly handicap.

Handicap? Yes. Helpless? No.

You can go behind the science of seeing without sight by starting here.

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