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BTS 014: Bizzare Worm Tries to Eat Hand

Photo Credit: Manchester แมแน RUT via Youtube

Photo Credit: Manchester แมแน RUT via Youtube

Sometimes, wildlife takes a turn for the gross.

This time is definitely the case, when a man holds what seems to be a type of ribbon worm.

What the ribbon worm proceeds to do is "sneeze out" something called a proboscis. This ribbon worm, most likely a Gorgonorhynchus, is known for its multiple branching proboscis as seen in the video.

The proboscis is a defining character of ribbon worms. When attacking prey, ribbon worms compress their body to push out what seems to be like a latex glove or mucus, but it's actually a weapon.

Different species of ribbon worms uses their proboscis differently, some are sticky or have sucker to grab their victims, others stab their prey with a sharp spike. There are even those that use their proboscis to inject toxins.

You can go behind the science of the ribbon worm and a 1,000 ways to use a proboscis by starting here.

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