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BTS 009: Tuning Sound Into Art

Here's a good recipe for you. Mix water and your household cornstarch, then add a HEAVY dose of sound.

Drop that bass and what you get is a freaky experiment that is so fascinating you just cannot take your eyes of it.

What's happening here is the visualisation of sound through vibrations, also known as cymatics. By channelling different audio frequencies through various solid mediums, patterns emerge.

In the case of the cornstarch experiment shown above, the use of a non-Newtonian fluid (something that is a liquid but acts like a solid when pressure is applied) create a weird effect that almost makes it seem alive.

But the experiment shown earlier was child's play.

When mixing the appreciation and understanding of cymatics with the creativity and music, the end result is truly mesmerising, such as in this cymatics music video by Nigel Standford.

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