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BTS 008: The Place Where Two Oceans Meet

 Photo Credit:  Kent Smith  via Flicker

Photo Credit: Kent Smith via Flicker

From the Gulf of Alaska comes a sight few would imagine - a line of divide that stretches on towards the horizon.

Like many others that we categorise as amazing and immensely bizarre, this natural phenomenon occurred due to a series of coincidences that created the perfect conditions for such magic.

It starts from slow moving currents known as eddies that swirl out from the Alaska coast. These eddies brought along huge quantities of sediments such as clay and iron and are swept up by the fast moving currents of the ocean.

 Photo Credit: Ken Bruland

Photo Credit: Ken Bruland

This mixture of heavy sediments that are dubbed "glacier flour" by experts makes up a dense body of water that causes this natural phenomenon to occur.

But this is by no means permanent. Sooner or later, the divide will dissipate as the sediments get more evenly spread, but how long such a phenomenon will last will depend on various factors such as the whim of the ocean currents. 

Apart from its beauty, the movement of these sediments are crucial to the marine productivity, in particular, the effects of plankton growth.

(Via: Kent Smith)

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