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BTS 021: Squids Showing Parental Care to Thousands of Eggs

 Photo Credit: MBARI

Photo Credit: MBARI

The deep sea will always be a source of awe for me. We may know less about it than outer space, but it is real, it is alive, and the aliens than live within the depths - they are truly bizarre.

Even sea creatures that would seem almost common to us hold so much mystery when they retreat back into the abyss of the deep sea - one of them is the humble squid.

Depending on their environment and other factors such as food supply, different squid species adapt in order to nurture the next generation.

However, since the early 1990s, observations have been made on a most peculiar behaviour, there are squids that, like the picture above, broods its eggs. (To be specific, it is estimated that a squid can carry up to 3,000 eggs.)

This  is extremely rare as squid are invertebrates, and they are known to not provide any parental care for eggs or the young.

Three squid species have already been identified to have this trait, though apart from that, not much in known.

You can go behind the science of this peculiar behaviour by starting here.

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