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BTS 002: Photos That Will Have You Doubt Your Eyes

 Photo Credit: Frans Lanting

Photo Credit: Frans Lanting

Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a photo. Yup, not a painting, a photo taken Frans Lanting during his National Geographic Assignment to Africa.

It is amazing how the photo is not a painting nor was it enhanced with programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Frans Lanting revealed in an interview that it was with planning, smart use of equipment, experience and a bit of luck that such a photo can be produced.

Here's how it looks like from another view.

Check out these other photos that look like paintings. (via My Mordern Met)

 Photo Credit:  Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

Looking like a Chinese painting, this photo is of the Huangshan Mountain in Anhui, China.

Here's the original photo, still an awesome landscape, but not chinese-painting level of awesome.

 Photo Credit:  Andre Ermolaev

Photo Credit: Andre Ermolaev


This is just one of the many aerial shots of Iceland's volcanic rivers. It looks beautiful no matter how you try and search for one that doesn't. Try it for yourself!

So here's another awesome aerial shot!

 Photo Credit: Oscar Ruiz

Photo Credit: Oscar Ruiz

Above is the San Buenaventura complex, located in Ixtapaluca on the outskirts of Mexico City.

This is what it looks like in normal view.

 Photo Credit:  Jianan Yu

Photo Credit: Jianan Yu

This is the Chaohu Lake in Anhui province, Taiwan. Not a lake of paint, but of algae.

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