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BTS 001: Free Diving into the World's Deepest Blue Hole

 Credit: Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier

Credit: Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier

Add the world's deepest blue hole (with an underwater entrance) and a man who can hold his breath seemingly forever, what you get is the longest 4 minutes in your life.

Guillaume Nery - the man you see doing the death defying act above, is a multi-record breaking free diver who is responsible for translating the sublime adrenaline and beauty of free diving into the broad audience.

With the artistic capture of his free dive into the Dean's Blue Holewhich is located in a bay west of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas, the video racked up over 21 million views and certainly a lot of awes.

Blue Holes is a pretty broad term, but it basically describes any deep, water-filled vertical caves and are likely formed by erosion of the limestone-rich terrains and filled in by rising sea levels after the end of the ice age.

Other record blue holes include the Great Blue Hole (the largest in diameter) and Pozzo del Merro (the deepest blue hole with an above water entrance).

But don't assume that Guillaume successfully reached the bottom. The Dean's Blue Hole is 202 metres in depth. The current world record holder, set by William Trubridge in December 2010, reached only half that at 101 metres. Coincidentally, his attempt was also at the Dean's Blue Hole. (Watch "Breathe", a documentary about William's attempt produced by 9-Time Emmy Award-winning producer, Martin Khodabakhshian)

But we are just covering the free diving category called "Constant weight without fins". If you want to learn more about the other 8 categories, check out Herberth Bitsch, also know as "The Deepest Man on Earth". He had set 33 records in all 9 catogories.

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